7 Fun and Free Activities to do with Kids ...


Kids are expensive, there isn’t any denying that but, there are a lot of fun and free activities to do with kids.

I personally am a cheapskate and I find it very difficult to spend a lot of money on things that my baby is still a bit too young to remember.

BUT, I also want him to have a fun summer so I set out to find some really fun, free activities for kids that would keep him entertained and my pocket book from becoming too horribly empty.

This is the list of the 7 fun and free activities to do with kids!

1. Go to the Park

I know that this isn’t the most original idea BUT, my son loves the park.

Not only does he get to pretend he's a monkey or go flying off on the swings, he also gets to meet a lot of new kids.

If you only have one kid, the park is a God send for finding friends.

If you have more than one kid, it’s a God send for keeping your kids from fighting over toys at home!

2. Make an Obstacle Course

Recently I found an ad on craigslist for free BIG moving boxes so, I got in my car, picked up a few and made my son a tunnel of boxes to crawl through.

He LOVES it.

So, I got to thinking about making him more obstacles to get through, using things that I had around the house.

It’s so easy, it’s free and it keeps him and his little buddies entertained for hours!

3. Have a Fashion Show

I have a little boy that loves getting dressed an undressed.

So, once every few months I make him try on all of his clothes and model them for me so I know if they fit but, I make It seem fun but getting out the camera and making sure that the outfits don’t always match.

He has a lot of fun, I see what I need to donate to Goodwill and we wind up with a lot of funny pictures of him in silly outfits!

Have a Dance Party
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