9 Awesome Baby Shower Gifts for Twins That Cost like Singleton's ...


Itโ€™s always fun to buy gifts for friendsโ€™ baby showers.

And itโ€™s double the fun if a friend is expecting twins.

What isnโ€™t fun though, is how much baby stuff costs!

I for one am always on the lookout for affordable gifts for baby showers.

And here is a list of 9 awesome baby shower gifts for twins (that cost pretty much like gifts for singleton would!)

1. Peas in a Pod Tee

Peas in a Pod Tee

This is a perfect t-shirt for any mom-to-be expecting twins, and makes an awesome baby shower gift.

Affordable and fun, you canโ€™t go wrong with maternity wear.

With a cute print in green on a plain white t-shirt, this is guaranteed to make anyone smile!

2. Baby Sling

Baby Sling

Twins means having to juggle two babies along with everything else.

And that is what makes this twin baby carrier such a perfect baby shower gift.

This is something super useful and youโ€™ll be thanked profusely each time itโ€™s used!

3. Twin Feeding Pillow

Twin Feeding Pillow

Feeding a baby is tough work.

And when there are twins, you know the mother is going to have a hard time.2

Make it easier with this twin feeding pillow that can be used for both breast feeding and bottle feeding both babies at the same time!

4. Jewelry


You can never go wrong with jewelry.

And this one is custom made for a mom with twins.

Not very expensive, this little trinket is classy and perfect as a baby shower gift.3

5. Twin Photo Frame

Twin Photo Frame

Of little hands and feet, of first photos, of memories for a lifetime.

This photo frame is perfect for so many reasons and makes a charming baby shower gift.

6. Twin Onesies

Twin Onesies

I think half the fun of having twin babies is dressing them up in matching (and quirky) outfits.

This set of onesies is super cute and makes sure there are equal teams in the house!

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