7 Amazingly Beautiful Reasons to Breastfeed Your Baby ...


Breastfeeding can be a daunting thought for a new mother, but the reasons to breastfeed definitely outweigh any fears and negative reasons not to!

It can be difficult, especially if the baby has trouble latching on- but don't give up!2

Babies are born knowing the instincts to receive nourishment from their mother's breasts.

Here are some beautiful reasons to breastfeed your baby that should take away any doubts and fears you may have!

1. It's the Best Nourishment

Even with all the fortified formulas on the market, the best nourishment for your baby comes from you.

A mother's milk contains loads of essential nutrients for baby's current and future health, including protecting against diabetes and obesity.2

This is one of the vital reasons to breastfeed!

Casein and Whey protein are also found in breast milk in perfect balance for baby to easily digest.

It's good to note that formula is generally harsher on baby's sensitive digestive system.3

Other proteins include lactoferrin, which inhibits iron-dependent bacteria, the enzyme Lysozyme to protect against baby E.

coli and Salmonella, immunoglobulins IgA/IgM/IgG protect against viral and bacterial infections, and Bifidus factor, which stimulates the growth of the good bacteria lactobacillus.

2. Fats, Vitamins and Living Cells

Long-chain fatty acids are found in breast milk that are essential for brain, retinal, and nervous system development.

Vitamins are an important factor that stem from a mother's diet, which is why it's important to continue with prenatal vitamins after delivery.2

The living cells, Leukocytes, are found in breast milk and fight off infection.

The Leukocytes, hormones, enzymes and antibodies found in a mother's milk can't be added to formula, making it absolutely ideal for your baby!2

3. It's What Nature Intended

We are mammals and therefore designed to be able to feed our offspring through our own bodies.

Humans are the most unique and awesome in this respect because it's a natural process, yet it's a choice we make.

Sometimes it can be easy to give up with the frustrations that lactation brings.

There's swelling, possible mastitis, failure to latch properly, milk supply issues, and sore nipples.

All of these factors however can be taken care of and are mostly all common to the first two weeks post delivery!2

Once baby has the hang of it, it's so easy and satisfying for both you and your little one.

You Create a Strong Bond with Your Child
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