7 Most Frequent Parenting Mistakes ...


I’m not a sociologist, psychologist or a student of any of those human-oriented sciences, I’m just the oldest of three and a person who likes to analyze other people’s behavior.

Now, I guess that probably doesn’t make me the best one to speak about frequent parenting mistakes or teach you how to raise your child but I am going to give you my opinion on this topic and list some examples I’ve seen or experienced in person.

And this…this is the list of 7 most frequent parenting mistakes I can think of…

1. Double Standards

Being the oldest of three, I could definitely tell you a thing or two on double standards, their application and results.

Okay, I do understand that times change and that the oldest kid is always the one that has to break the ice, but a parent must never allow himself to be unfair and give any one of its kids a better treatment.

Being the older and (hopefully) the wiser one, I know it’s impossible for a parent to love one child more but kids don’t really understand that until they grow up and, by that time, they already feel like the least loved one.

Don’t patronize one child simply because it’s younger, more rebellious or whatnot and force a lot of pressure on another simply because it seems more responsible, down to earth, reasonable, has better learning capacity or whatever.

I might be getting too emotional right now but ask any older child, most of them will confirm this is one of the most frequent parenting mistakes ever.

Obsession with Brands
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