5 Reasons It's Okay 👌 to Not 🚫 Want Children 👶 ...


There are lots of reasons why it's ok to not want children. Being a millennial has the upside of being on the liberal side of history where we are able to fight for several different causes and equality across the board. While this seems like the ideal position to be in, we still have to answer to the baby boomers. We are the future and they have their expectations.

As a 26-year-old female, I am 110% expected to grow up, get married, have babies and be a proud wife and mother. But, there’s a catch. I have no desire to be a wife at my current age or a mother at all. Is there something wrong with me? Aren’t all women supposed to want to have children?

Here are five reasons why it's ok to not want children.

1. Kids Are Expensive

The cost is one of the top reasons why it's ok to not want children. No one wants to say it but having children is expensive and it’s an expense that never goes away. Unlike a mortgage or a car payment, the cash flow to a child is never-ending. Not only does it cost almost $234,000 to raise a child, those expenses are only figured until the age of 18. It doesn’t cover college tuition, obligatory car repairs, groceries when they raid your pantry once they discover how much it truly costs and of course the elusive IOU cash that your forfeit knowing you will never see it again. Oh, I forgot the expenses accrued when your child moves back in with you after college which is what approximately 40% (if not more) of college grads do. Take note that we did not even scratch the surface of medical costs when you have the baby initially.

If you are like me, you do not buy anything at sticker price. You are always looking for a sale. It is perfectly okay to look at the expenses of having and raising a child and decide that it is not for you. Most people work a job that is okay to have enough money to do some of the things they want. Having children slows that down and there is nothing wrong with saying a broke and obligatory lifestyle is not for you.

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