7 Ways to Subtly Encourage Your Mom to Rejuvenate Her Image ...

By Alison

Would you like to see your mom rejuvenate her image? Age is no barrier to looking good, and we all need to brighten up our look every now and then. But of course you don't want to be blunt and cause offense. So how can you subtly encourage your mom to give her image an overhaul? Try these ways to help …

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Take Her Shopping

One sneaky way to encourage your mom to change her image is with a mother-and-daughter shopping day. Pretend you want her advice, and pick out things that you think would suit her - 'Look Mom, this would look great on you!' Try to persuade her to step outside her comfort zone and try on things she wouldn't normally wear.


Favorite Star

Does your mom have a favorite actress or TV personality? A lot of moms think that they're too old to wear certain styles, but if you point out how great older stars look, she might be tempted into following their example. Look for a celebrity with a haircut that would look awesome on your mom, and encourage her to take it to the salon for a restyle (perhaps for her birthday?).


Pamper Day

Moms deserve to pamper themselves, right? Get yours a certificate for a pamper day at a local spa or salon. If you don't want to be too obvious, buy one for yourself as well, and pass it off as 'enjoying a girly day out together'. Look for a package that includes a makeover and hair styling.


Visit Beauty Counters

Few of us can resist picking something up when we visit a beauty counter, with all the gorgeous new products. When you go shopping with your mom, stop by the beauty counter to 'have a look'. Your mom doesn't need to know that the look you have in mind is a new look for her! Encourage her to try out some new products, and buy the ones that will give her a fab new look.


Clean out Her Closet

Find an excuse to help your mom clean out her closet. Spring cleaning is an ideal time, as is an imminent move. Nudge her to get rid of any clothes that are dated or don't suit her. And of course, offer to take her shopping to help her choose some new clothes to replace the discarded garments!

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Good Points

Play up her good points by making 'spontaneous' suggestions about what would suit your mom. For instance, if you've been longing to give your mom a hair makeover, keep quiet about how you've been thinking this for ages. Instead, say casually one day, 'Wow, you'd look amazing if you cut your hair like …', as if the idea had only just occurred to you.


Gift Her Clothes

If your mom won't take all your subtle hints, try actually gifting her the clothes you think would suit her. Not many people would turn down a gift! If it's not her birthday, pretend you bought the garments for yourself and it didn't fit/looked wrong/wasn't your color. Then rave about how great it looks on her!

It's better to be sensitive when you want your mom to change her look, as nobody likes to be told they need a makeover! So subtlety will spare her hurt feelings, and be more likely to succeed. Which celeb do you think most needs a makeover?

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