7 Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Children's Items ...

Raising happy and healthy children can be expensive with all the supplies they need, which is why it's essential to repurpose children's items. Saving money is always a bonus because when you want to do something special or save for the future, you're able to. Every little bit counts. Here are some fantastic ways to reuse and repurpose children's items that I hope you're inspired to follow.

1. Consigning

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Consignment shops are literally the best way to repurpose children's items. Because kids outgrow their clothes, toys, and books so quickly, you can easily find new and gently used items that are great quality for a fraction of the price. And a great way to purge what you don't need is to take in your child's items to a consignment of your choice and either receive store credit or cash. It's fabulous!

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