7 Ways to Help Your Daughter Deal with Puberty ...

By Alicia

7 Ways to Help Your Daughter Deal with Puberty ...

Knowing the best way to help your daughter deal with puberty is difficult. This is such a unsettled time in a young girl’s life. She is part little girl and part young woman. These are some things you can do to help your daughter deal with puberty.

1 Talk about It

One of the very best ways to help your daughter deal with puberty is to talk about it with her. Don’t leave her out there to face puberty on her own. Let her know what changes will happen in her body. This helps her to know what to expect so that it is less shocking when these changes occur. It is best to talk to her about these things in a straightforward, matter of fact way.

2 Read a Book Together

This is something that I did with my daughter that seemed to really help. If your daughter is uncomfortable with this option, you can always get her some books to read on her own. Reading a book together is good because it opens up a lot of opportunities for discussion. A couple of books we both liked were “The Body Book” by Nancy Rue and “The Care and Keeping of You,” which is an American Girl book. Of course, it’s a good idea to preview any book before you allow your children to read it.

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3 Be Open about It

Your attitude about puberty will affect your daughter’s attitude about puberty. If you treat it like something that is a taboo subject and not to be talked about, she will too. If you treat it like another part of life, she will pick up on that as well. Then it will be something that she feels free to talk to you about. This can carry over into other aspects of your relationship as mother and daughter, as well.

4 Welcome Questions

It is best to have an attitude that welcomes your daughter’s questions. Tell her that you want her to come to you with any questions she may have. Let her know you are open to receiving them. I have always preferred that my children come to me with their questions instead of going to someone else, such as a peer in their age group. I am sure most of you feel that way as well.

5 Let Her Deal in Her Own Way

Your daughter is her own unique person, as you have most likely discovered by the time she is ready for puberty. Her personality is probably going to be at least a little different than yours. Therefore, she will deal with puberty in her own way. She may want to talk about it a lot or very little. She may want to be alone with her thoughts about it and that’s okay.

6 Honor Her Preferences

Your daughter is going to have her own preferences about things during puberty. She may prefer a different brand of pads than you do. She may have a specific taste in the bras she chooses. Those things are okay. As long as she is not doing anything unhealthy, let her make her own choices.

7 Enjoy the Fun Aspects

Puberty is a time of great changes for a young girl. They aren’t all easy or pleasant for her. But there are some fun aspects you can enjoy together as mother and daughter. Celebrate her becoming a young woman by doing some fun things. A day of shopping or getting pedicures together are a couple of ideas you may enjoy.

These ideas are some you can use to help your daughter deal with puberty. Do you have other ideas on this subject? I would love to learn from you!

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