7 Ways to Have a Great Vacation with Babies and Toddlers ...


A vacation with babies and toddlers along is a completely different kind of vacation than you have probably ever known before. Everything is different, from dining out to the activities you choose. While it can still be enjoyable, it can also be a challenge. These are some hints to help you to have a great vacation with babies and toddlers along.

1. Stay at a Family Friendly Location

This is not the time to choose a posh hotel where lovers go to get away. Not only will it not be what you need for your family but other guests may not welcome you and your little family. It is best to look for a family friendly location when you vacation with babies and toddlers. Not only will there be amenities you will appreciate but it will be a family friendly atmosphere. Instead of being welcomed with a bottle of wine, you could be welcomed with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and who doesn’t love that?

Have Realistic Expectations
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