7 Proven Ways to Destress 🙏 🛁🍷 in the Midst of a Crazy Mommy Day 😰😫🙄 ...


I think that all moms need to know some ways to find peace in the midst of crazy mommy days. Crazy mommy days are days that all moms have from time to time. Those are the days when everything seems to go wrong and you feel like you can’t do anything right. When you find yourself feeling like that, try one of these 7 ways to find peace in the midst of your crazy mommy day.

1. Take a Long Hot Bath

A long hot bath is good for your body and soul. It just seems like the tensions of the day melt away. You will emerge feeling like a new person and a new mommy. It revitalizes you to get back out there and try again. This is one of the best ways to find peace when you are struck by a crazy mommy day.

2. Have Fun with the Kids

Sometimes your mommy day becomes crazy because you are trying to stick to a rigid schedule. I totally get that; most moms have to have some sort of schedule or their day will fall apart. But don’t get so wrapped up in your schedule that you forget to have fun. Let the schedule go for just a little while. Take a couple hours to go swimming or enjoy a walk with your little ones.

3. Step Away for a Few Minutes

Sometimes a crazy mommy day occurs because you are so overwhelmed. It seems all you do is try to meet the demands of these adorable little people surrounding you. You really need a break but you can’t get one. If that is the case, try to step away for just a few minutes when you know your children are safely occupied. Even if it is just checking Facebook or folding a load of towels in another room, it can help.

4. Do Something That Calms You

Doing something that calms you in the midst of crazy mommy days can be helpful. It could be that you read from your favorite book of poetry, work on your dream home on Pinterest or any number of things. Having a cup of tea is calming to many people. It isn’t really what you do that matters here. It is that you are taking a few minutes to focus on yourself and what you need.

5. Light a Candle

Lighting a candle can be very calming. I am not sure why but I know that my home always feels a bit more serene when I do this. Additionally, it makes your home smell wonderful and that is something everyone loves. If you are afraid of having a lit candle because you have small children, there are many varieties of wax warmers you can purchase. Both give the same calming effect.

6. Call a Friend

Talking to a friend is therapeutic. It can make the day's troubles disappear. You can share laughs over things that only the two of you get. You can ask for advice and have a shoulder to cry on. There is nothing that takes the place of a chat with a friend.

7. Remind Yourself That This Too Shall Pass

Sometimes you have crazy mommy days because of the ages of your children. You may have two under two, preschoolers or even a houseful of teens. Each stage of parenting presents its own challenges. But nothing lasts forever. Remind yourself that this too shall pass.

These are some different options that can help you to find peace in the midst of crazy mommy days. How do you achieve this? I would love to hear your secrets.