7 Ways to Deal with Pressure from Would-Be Grandparents ...


Are you getting pressure from would-be grandparents? When people want to be grandparents they can be very vocal on the matter, dropping heavy hints that they'd like you to get cracking. Hearing this constantly can be very irritating, whether you want a family (but not right now), or don't want children at all. Here's how to handle pressure from would-be grandparents without a family fallout โ€ฆ

1. Children Must Be Wanted

If you're getting pressure from would-be grandparents, remind them that children must be wanted. Whether you're not remotely interested in being a parent yourself, or simply want to wait, there 's absolutely no sense in having kids because someone else thinks it's time you should. It's for you and your partner to decide.

You Don't Owe Them
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