5 Ways to Deal with a Tantrum without Losing Your Mind ...


5 Ways to Deal with a Tantrum without Losing Your Mind  ...
5 Ways to Deal with a Tantrum without Losing Your Mind  ...

Every mom needs some ways to deal with a tantrum. So, you’re out with your little one or you’re babysitting your best friends’ child so they can have a date night together. All you need to do is pick up something in the store and then you’ll be on your way to Chuck E. Cheese or the playground. Suddenly, the little munchkin throws himself or herself on the floor. Here are 5 ways to deal with a tantrum.

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Don’t Try to Reason with a Toddler

Toddlers can be very smart. They know numbers, colors, their ABCs and can speak in full sentences. However, their brains are highly underdeveloped, especially the part of the brain that regulates self-control. It’s impossible to reason with a toddler. Don’t bother asking them what set them off. Just remain quiet. That's one of the best ways to deal with a tantrum.


Don’t Bribe Them

It can be embarrassing when a toddler has a tantrum, or even more embarrassing when a six-year-old has a tantrum, but other people’s evil looks and even nasty comments are none of your concern. Do not bribe a child throwing a tantrum with candy, a coloring book, or a fun place to visit. This bribing will only teach them to throw a tantrum anytime they want a new toy or piece of candy or a visit to their favorite place. Remain quiet.


Hold Them

Besides remaining quiet, hold them on your lap in order to prevent them from causing damage to themselves, another person, or property. Keeping quiet and holding them will lessen the time of the tantrum.


Don’t Go out during Their Naptime

Unless there is an absolute need to be out during their naptime, don’t go out. Toddlers need to be on a very strict naptime and bedtime routine and going out during their naptime can prove disastrous. However, if you are going to keep them in the stroller then it’s perfectly fine to be out. They can sleep in the stroller, and likely will fall asleep in the stroller.


Move Them to Somewhere Calm if Possible

Children’s brains take in as much as we do but get overwhelmed a lot more easily. You want to make a fun day for your child or the child you’re babysitting, but don’t overdo it. A picnic in the backyard and a trip to the town’s playground is plenty for a child aged seven and younger.

Hopefully, these tips help you prevent tantrums and stop them in their tracks. Remember we all need to blow off steam at times.

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