7 Ways to Cope when Your Parents Prefer Your Sibling ...


It's very upsetting when your parents prefer your sibling and can cause a lot of resentment between you. Some parents make it very plain that they have a favored child; others may not mean to show favoritism but seem to have an obvious preference for one of their children. But sometimes it's just the impression that you get, and in reality your parents don't have a favored child at all. Here are some ways to cope when your parents prefer your sibling โ€ฆ

1. Tell Them How You Feel

When your parents prefer your sibling, try telling them that you think they have a preference and that it upsets you. They genuinely may not have noticed that they show a preference. Talking to them will bring your feelings out in the open and allow you to discuss them. But avoid being accusatory and getting upset; a calm discussion is more likely to have positive results.

Don't Blame Your Sibling
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