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Swelling in pregnancy is a common complaint, especially in the third trimester. Just because it is common does not mean it is a pleasant symptom to deal with, though. These are some things that you can do to help combat swelling in pregnancy. While they may not totally eliminate the issue, these suggestions can drastically reduce the amount of swelling you have.

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Put down the Salt Shaker

Salt makes your body retain water which can certainly contribute to the swelling you are experiencing. One of the easiest ways to help reduce swelling in pregnancy is to put down the salt shaker. This can be a very difficult to break. Oftentimes you don’t realize how much you are addicted to the taste of salt until you try to give it up. It can help to use something in place of it such as Mrs. Dash products.


Watch for Hidden Salt

Putting down the salt shaker will drastically reduce the amount of sodium you are taking in. However, there is more to it than that. Most of the foods we eat are loaded with salt. Try to get in the habit of looking at food labels to see what the sodium content is. This can help you to make more informed choices.


Drink More Water

Drinking more water doesn’t seem like it will help you retain less water but it does. Make it a goal to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day or whatever your obstetrician recommends. Drinking water will help to reduce the puffiness and swelling you are experiencing. Water is the best choice of beverage when you are trying to reduce swelling because it doesn’t contain any sodium while sodas and other beverages do. Water helps prevent other issues such as urinary tract infections that pregnant women can be more at risk for, too.


Don’t Wear Tight Shoes

I know you love your gorgeous heels and strappy sandals, ladies. But they may not be the best choice in shoes for you right now. Try to avoid shoes that are tight or make indentions on your feet. They will make your feet swell more. Aim for a comfortable shoe that isn’t tight fitting.


Put Your Feet up

Putting your feet up can help the swelling in your ankles to go down. Your hands and feet are places where swelling tends to happen more frequently. Elevating your feet will give your body a chance to redistribute those fluids you are retaining and help your body to rid itself of them. An afternoon nap or rest period is something that many pregnant women feel is beneficial to them. Even if you can only get off your feet for a half hour, it can be helpful.


Stay Cool

When you are pregnant, you are going to feel hotter than those around you, anyway. Staying cool is something you are going to want for comfort reasons. It is also something that will help reduce your swelling. You will tend to swell more when you are hot than when you are in a cool and comfortable environment.


Try Massage

Massage has been shown to be a good treatment option to help reduce swelling in pregnancy. It helps the areas of the body that are swollen to go down. The fluids that your body is retaining are encouraged to move throughout a massage process. There are many places that specialize in pre-natal massage. If that isn’t something that is an option for you, a massage from your partner can work, too.

Swelling in pregnancy is a frustrating symptom to deal with. These are some things you can do to combat it. What tips have helped you with this problem?

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I wish this had existed before I had my baby!

I love the tips and the photo is a beautiful one

Go for a walk fast enough to get your heart pumping well, then immediately put your feet up higher than your heart for a few minutes.

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