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5 Ways Our Grandparents Are Making Our Lives Better ...

By Sarah

Knowledge and wisdom are wonderful things. Luckily, the internet is chock full of knowledge. However, the same thing cannot be said about wisdom.

The quality of making good judgment is often achieved through experience. If you take a moment and try to remember some of the conversations you had with your grandparents, you will realize that their words have had a hugely positive influence on your life. And this is why it's so special to have grandparents and share on their wisdom:

1 They Share Their Wisdom, Whether We Want It or Not

Over the years, grandparents have always passed down invaluable life lessons. How does that work? It is quite simple. Grandparents have one foot in the past and another in the future. They have lived a long time and in different eras, seen many people, places, and things.

Elders play a significant role in their grandchildren’s lives. Whether their advice is wanted or not, you will always find yourself clinging on to their every word. The fact that they are remnants of the past gives them a body of insight, wisdom, experience, and perspective that even the internet cannot match.

Sadly, recent studies indicate that due to certain reasons such as distance and busy schedules, grandchildren no longer spend enough time with their grandparents. Your grandparents are probably the wisest people you’ll ever meet. So, listen to every story they tell you since many of them will provide context and relevance to your daily life. Why are grandparents so special?

2 Grandparents Help Develop Self-esteem

Research indicates that individuals develop higher self-esteem, better social and emotional skills by just being “spoiled” a little by their grandparents. Everyone knows that every moment spent with grandparents whether it is a family gathering or just breakfast is always special.

Strive to also make your grandparents special by visiting them often or even hiring aged care providers. A grandparent’s love is different, and they see you and treat you differently than the rest of the world.

Grandparents give their grandchildren their undivided attention, return the favor.


Grandparents tell unique stories to their grandchildren. Whether these stories are made up or based on actual events, they always have a moral lesson. Even when you have heard the story before, it will sound different when you hear it from your grandparents.

Their stories are vast stores of wisdom and knowledge that has been accumulated in their lifetime. As you sit peering at your grandparent’s watery eyes, listening to their laughter, watching their thinning gray hair and hearing their stories, you realize that you are in contact with wisdom that no other source can match.


Unless you are asking about technology, your grandparents will probably have an answer to all your questions. It is always amazing how sharing your experiences and asking your grandparents about some issues introduces you to new ideas.

Grandparents are great teachers. In fact, skills, knowledge, and attitudes that you pick from your grandparents tend to stick with you through life.

5 Grandparents Are Our Best Teachers

Grandparents are a priceless wealth of wisdom, and it would be a waste to not to learn from them. Youth can be intoxicating, and more often than not, you are likely to think that elders have nothing more to offer.

Well, the wisdom of grandparents is uniquely important. Grandparents are an extraordinary generation.

The fact that they have lived through experiences that you have either seen in movies or your dreams makes them the perfect source of wisdom.

Besides, their experiences and perspectives allow them to provide you with an alternative to conventional wisdom.

Researchers found out that while youngsters provide solutions to problems very quickly, elders take their time and provide solutions that defy common worldview. Grandparents make you reexamine our decisions and make more conscious choices in life.

So, what are you waiting for? Call your grandma and ask her out for brunch - and this time, truly listen!

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