7 Ways Being a Mom Changes You Mind, Body & Soul ...


There are ways that being a mom changes you that you will never fully realize until you are in the middle of raising your children. You find that while you are still you, you are yourself in an entirely new way. Things that once mattered no longer do. Your whole world is wrapped up in this one very small person. The ways that being a mom changes you are not something you will ever regret.

1. Your Body is Different

Let’s just get this out there. One of the ways that being a mom changes you is that your body is completely different than it used to be. Even if you lose all of your pregnancy pounds, parts of your body have spread. Parts of your body may be covered in stretch marks. But you will most likely not care nearly as much as you would have thought you would once you have your darling little baby in your arms.

You Are No Longer Responsible for Just You
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