7 Unique Gifts to Buy for a Baby Shower ...


If you’ve been to any number of baby showers, you know that the standard gifts are baby blankets, clothes and diapers. If that seems a little boring to you and you want to do something different, there are lots of other great gifts to give the mom-to-be. Thinking outside the box a little bit allows you to give a memorable and thoughtful gift that will be remembered even when that baby is a grown up. Here are some fabulous ideas that will get everyone talking.

1. Give a Notebook to Record All the Little Things

There are lots of baby books where new moms can record the first tooth, the first time the baby rolled over and the like. Offer a notebook that is blank and the soon to be mother has a nice place to write down all the other little things that she wants to remember about when her little one was a baby. I had one of these for each of my kids and it’s fun to read through them together now that they are older.

Gift a Smartphone Holder for Baby’s Stroller
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