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Unforgettable Alternatives to Boring Baby Names ...

By Melissa

How many babies with the name Emma or Noah have you met in the past couple of years? Probably plenty because these names along with many others have been in the top 10 baby name list for the last few years. While we all love these names so much, you may be looking for alternatives to these common names. Here are a list of similar but different names to the most popular baby names in recent years.

1 Sophia

It really is such a pretty name! Which is probably why up until recently, it was the number one girl’s baby name for many years. It is soft and feminine yet still very powerful. A similar name is Seraphina! Oh, I love this name too. It has many of the same sounds and flow as Sophia, yet it is very unique. Seraphina is a Hebrew name that means fiery-winged.

2 Jacob

Jacob has been a popular baby name for a while now! Thank you, Twilight fans. It is also a biblical name and is often chosen for that reason, but at this point the name has become so popular and overused your child is likely to share a class with several Jacobs. I like the name Coby as a good alternative to Jacob. What do you think?

3 Emma

Emma has been steady in the top 10 baby names for what seems like decades. It is a classic and beautiful name. My favorite alternative name for Emma is Emmeline. You may recognize the name from “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” or “Harry Potter.”

4 Noah

Noah has gone back and forth with Jacob as being the number one little boy’s name. No wonder. This name shows such strength and power. It is also a common biblical name, which is why many people like it. I think Jonah is a fair swap for Noah. It is also a name from the Bible and has an equally heroic story.

5 Mia

The name Mia was in the top 10 baby names last year. It is a simple name that comes from many other names like Nina, Maya, or Mary. While all of these would be excellent alternatives to the name Mia, I think Thea is a more unique fit. Thea means goddess or godly.

6 Alexander

Alexander is another male name that exudes power and makes it a likely choice for people naming a little boy. I like it a lot myself, but if I was looking for something that wasn’t quite as popular as Alexander, I would go with Zander or Xander. It is also a good nickname for this common baby name.

7 Charlotte

Charlotte has a made a recent spike in popularity. It has especially sparked interest since it’s become the name of the newest member of the royal family. I do love the name Charlotte as well, but would maybe consider Charlene. It has the same beautiful sound but is nowhere near as popular.

Popular or not, if a name really speaks to your heart or you think it is the perfect name for your sweet bundle of joy, go for it. These are just a list of suggestions for less common baby names to help make your search for the perfect name a little easier.

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