Different πŸ”„ Types of Sex πŸ™Š You Have after Becoming a Parent πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ ...


There some types of sex you have after becoming parents that you should know about. Every mom knows that feeling - after the last hungry member of the family has fallen asleep, how good it feels to just go to bed where to find what – something warm and comfortable – and this is not a man, the cat, or a bedbug. We`re speaking of the nice and soft sheets and the even nicer pillow on which to lay your head and fall into deep sleep.

Sure, sex is a nice thing, but whenever kids arrive into a couples` life, everything starts happening in a different way. In other words, dear friends, it`s not going to be the way it was.

Before the kids, a woman would walk around the house in transparent shorts with a glass of wine in one hand. Or get out of the shower naked, just to seduce her man, who is eating meatballs and watching the news at that time. Or have undisturbed sex in different locations around the house.

Now, after the kids come into our lives such frivolities are out of question. Just wondering what would a kid think after seeing mom In transparent shorts – maybe β€œOh, no…why..what..!?” Or it is possible after seeing your breasts the kid (depending on his age) to remember about breastfeeding and you`ll have to wean him again. Yikes!

Well, sex continues to be a nice thing, but it needs to be done more quietly and it also gets space and time limited.

Nevertheless, it could keep it`s previous playfulness and charm.

And now, let`s review in a humorous, but a quite realistic look at the types of sex you have after becoming parents.

1. Key Sex

No, this is not a complicated technique that requires yoga movements. That is the type of sex that is done when there is a door between you and the kids. A door that actually gets locked. Don’t forget to leave the key inside the keyhole of your side of the door, so kids don’t unlock suddenly with the spare key and start screaming β€œAAAA, gross!” This type of sex requires solid nerves and cold-blooded attitude, while on the other side of the door someone starts knocking because they have a pee. This is one of the top types of sex you have after becoming parents.

Granny Sex