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5 Truths Your Nanny Would like You to Know ...

By Naomi

Being a Nanny is a strange job, and having a Nanny is a strange thing. As a Nanny of over 4 years, I know how important the Mother/Nanny relationship is. If you have a Nanny, are considering on getting one, or are wondering why your last Nanny flipped you the bird as she ran away screaming, here are 5 Truths that your Nanny would like you to know…

1 You Don't Own Her

Although you may pay your Nanny to work for you for 45 hours a week, the other 123 hours of the week belong to her. If you continuously arrive home late, ask her to start early or call her like an obsessed lover about that missing sock whilst she’s on her break (no one likes a stalker – even a pretty one in heels), then your Nanny will soon feel over worked and under appreciated. Respect your Nanny’s right to have a life.

2 Don’t Get Jealous

It is your Nanny’s job to provide a safe, fun and supportive environment for your children; if your Nanny is doing her job right, then your kids will get attached. If you’re not cool with seeing your kids jumping all over, hugging, or squealing with delight at the sight of their Nanny, then give her the boot and you become the climbing frame.


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3 Your Children's Homework is Theirs

Having your Nanny complete your child’s homework is just plain wrong. Allowing your child to tell your Nanny exactly how they want their homework done is another level. Not only are you setting a bad example, you’re ensuring that any respect your Nanny once had for you diminishes as quickly as an XFactor contestant's career. Fast.

4 Show the Girl Some Support

If your little angels have a tendency to call Mom every time something goes wrong when your Nanny is on duty, then let them know that you’re no longer taking calls. If you want your kids to listen to your Nanny then you need to show them that when you are not about, she is numero uno. Exceptions are of course to be made in the event of a fire, serious injury or exceptional news such as the dish washer literally loading, washing and putting away the dishes itself.

5 Do I Really Need a Nanny?

If you work full time then you will of course need some extra help. However, if you are closer with your beautician than you are your children, maybe you could have a more ‘hands on’ approach with them. There will always be a Nanny to help you lighten the load, but a good Nanny would want for you to do what you can for your kids' sake. After all, the best thing you can spend on your kids is time…

Hopefully these truths will give some insight into what your Nanny values and how to achieve a positive working relationship with her. If you are a Mother, what is it like coming from the other side? Are there important points all Nannies should know? On the other hand, do any Nannies out there have any truths to share? Spill the beans ladies...

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