5 Truths Your Nanny Would like You to Know ...


Being a Nanny is a strange job, and having a Nanny is a strange thing. As a Nanny of over 4 years, I know how important the Mother/Nanny relationship is. If you have a Nanny, are considering on getting one, or are wondering why your last Nanny flipped you the bird as she ran away screaming, here are 5 Truths that your Nanny would like you to knowโ€ฆ

1. You Don't Own Her

Although you may pay your Nanny to work for you for 45 hours a week, the other 123 hours of the week belong to her. If you continuously arrive home late, ask her to start early or call her like an obsessed lover about that missing sock whilst sheโ€™s on her break (no one likes a stalker โ€“ even a pretty one in heels), then your Nanny will soon feel over worked and under appreciated. Respect your Nannyโ€™s right to have a life.

Donโ€™t Get Jealous
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