7 Truly Admirable Mothers in the Animal Kingdom ...

There are some amazing mothers in the animal kingdom. There are many creatures that are so different to humans in significant ways in that they are born able to immediately do the basics of living that human babies have to be taught to do, or to grow and develop the skills. There are also however, mothers in the animal kingdom that go to incredible lengths to nurture their babies, often at great risk to themselves to the detriment of their own well-being. Let’s take a look at a few.

1. African Elephant

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There’s really something to be said about the female African elephant. Firstly she mates with a bull who at their largest has the potential to cause serious injury to the cow’s back and hind legs. Then, she has to give birth to a ginormous baby after having gestated for two long years. And if that isn’t a drain on her durability, baby nelly is then nursed for anything from three to six years. What makes African elephants some of the truly wonderful mothers in the animal kingdom is that they form a tight matriarchal society and all the females of the herd help with the nursery.

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