9 Tips to Make Vacationing with an Infant Stress-Free ...


Taking a family holiday is always a good idea, but for new parents, vacationing with an infant can be a very daunting prospect. From worrying about whether the baby will sleep in a new place to balking at the idea of handling a crying baby in a plane, parents can find a hundred things to worry about when thinking of vacationing with an infant. However, it is possible to enjoy a holiday with a baby and if you read on, you’ll find some important tips that will help make vacationing with an infant stress-free!

1. Schedule Flights to Suit Your Baby

As far as possible, try and book your vacation flights to match your baby’s schedule. If you know your baby poops at 8 a.m., avoid taking a flight at that time so that you won’t have to struggle to change your baby’s diaper in a tiny airplane loo! Or if you know that your baby naps at 11 a.m., try booking a flight that doesn’t disturb that sleep time. You really don’t want to board a flight with an already cranky baby! Keep in mind your baby’s routine when you’re looking for flights and vacationing with an infant can be a whole lot easier than you imagine!

Carry Your Infant’s Pram
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