7 Tips on Summer Safety for Kids That You Need to Know ...


It is important to know and follow summer safety tips for kids. Summer is when injuries seem to happen more. It is important to be prepared for them and know ways to keep your kids safe. This is a good checklist to go over to see how prepared you are with your own summer safety tips for kids.

1. Make Sure They Are Wearing a Bike Helmet

Bike helmets are so very important for kids to wear which is why this is number one on the list of summer safety tips for kids. Although wearing a helmet while riding a bike has been proven to lower the risk of head trauma, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports that only 11 percent of children actually wear them. Additionally, elbow and knee pads also offer protection. These precautions can help to protect your child if they have a bicycle wreck. These precautions should also be used if your child skateboards or uses roller skates.

Make Sure They Are Wearing Sunscreen
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