20 Tips for Great Sleepover Parties ...


If you're the parent of young kids or tweens, you could probably benefit from some helpful tips for sleepover parties. As young kids, we were always absolutely delighted to have a sleepover party, but the parents... perhaps not so much. Some parents even suggest that the best sleepover party tips were to actually not have one. But as it is such a valuable part of a childโ€™s upbringing, creating so many wonderful memories, maybe parents just need some advice about sleepover parties, so that it doesnโ€™t turn into a stressful event. And who knows, after a few great ideas, you may even be willing to repeat the event. Here are 20 Tips for Great Sleepover Parties.

1. Social Media and Sleepovers

Every social scenario these days is dominated by a cell phone. No matter what age your kids are, they may well have one. If they have one at parties, you can be sure that they are on them all the time - updating profiles, taking pictures and even talking to other people at the party on their phones. A way to combat this is to give the parents your number, put a basket at the front door, and as each child comes in, they have to put their phone in it until the end of the party. Make a point of each child spending time with each other and not on their phones.

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