9 Times Your Mother Was Right ...


The mother-daughter relationship is never easy; however after gaining perspective from years of break-ups, fights with friends, and job changes, you will realize all the times your mother was right. As a child you want to be her, as a teen you loathe and blame her, as an adult you admire her, and as a mother you emulate her. It may be hard to admit, but our mothers really do know best. So here are the top 7 times your mother was right.

1. Lose the Bad Boy

You may need to make this mistake several times before you truly accept this advice. You may be crying on the bathroom floor for the tenth time before you realize this is one of the times your mother was right. The bad boy may be the other half of a passionate and torrid love affair where the fighting turns into foreplay. The bad boy will lie, cheat, and manipulate – yet you will rationalize his every behavior because you are way too deep into the hole to have any clarity. You will justify his actions and try to convince yourself that he truly loves you and can change. But it's time to face the facts and listen to your mom; he will not change and he is not committed – drop him.

Visit Your Grandparents
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