7 Things Your Parents Can't Teach You about Life ...


I had amazing parents growing up, but what I’ve learned the most recent years of my life as an adult, is there are certain things your parents can’t teach you about life, no matter how awesome they are. I was praised as a child, and had such amazing, supportive parents as my backbone. Although my family went through some hard times, and split up during my teenage years, there wasn’t much I couldn’t go to them about when I needed advice. Yet, as I grew up to be an adult, I learned that some things your parents can’t teach you. Your parents are responsible for a lot in and about your life, but not everything, and some of the ideas below are examples many things you’ll have to learn or teach yourself along the way.

1. Your Dream Job

One of the most important things your parents can’t teach you is what your dream job is. Sure, they might try to influence you into a certain career field, or inspire you to do whatever it is you dream of, but they can’t decide what really makes you happy. You are the only one who can truly know what career is best for you, and the best way to find out is by exploring all areas of interest that you might have.

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