7 Things Your Kids Will Thank You for Now and as Adults ...


If you’re like me, you think about what things your kids will thank you for someday. Kids aren’t well known for being grateful that often, but you can be sure that deep down somewhere they are, even if they don’t realize it yet. Parenting is never easy and you’re sure to feel mommy guilt often, but taking time for the things your kids will thank you for makes you both happy.

1. Time

Even if all you can find in a hectic day is 15 minutes, time is one of the biggest things your kids will thank you for. Stopping what you’re doing to read a story, help with homework or walk the dog tells your child that you value him and that he’s more important than your phone game or that last load of laundry. Spend time with your kids each day doing something they need or want and they’ll know they can count on you for life.

Breaking the Rules
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