7 Things to Try when Your Baby Won't Nap ...


Life can really be rough when your baby won’t nap. Babies need naps and we parents need them to take them. You can use that time to catch up on chores or to rest yourself if you are behind on your own sleep. These are things that you can try when your baby won’t nap.

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White Noise

White noise can be really soothing to a baby. It helps them to calm down and be more ready for a nap. You can also try sounds like ocean waves or the sound of rain. Even soft music might be calming to your baby. This is one of the first things you can try when your baby won’t nap.


The Swing

Most of the time, swings have a magical effect on babies. They make them very happy and often put them to sleep. Don’t feel bad about letting your baby nap in the swing if this is what works for your baby. You have to do what you have to do to help your baby nap. You can always try to transfer them to their crib but it may interrupt their nap.


Car Rides

Many a desperate parent has put their baby in the car and driven until the baby gave in to nap time. It is usually something that parent does after everything else fails. But it often works. Car rides are very conducive to napping for baby. It can also be a good time for Mom and Dad to enjoy an ice cream cone from their favorite restaurant.



Rocking is a wonderful way to help your baby sleep. Most nurseries contain a rocker for this very reason. I rocked both of my babies and loved every moment of it. It was a precious time of bonding for us. Most nap times started this way for my children.


Pretending to Sleep Yourself

Sometimes you just don’t know what else to do. Sometimes it helps to kind of bore your baby to sleep. You can do this by pretending to be asleep yourself when you are lying down with your baby. You are a great source of entertainment for your baby. When that entertainment is not available and the house is quiet, baby may fall asleep from boredom.


A Schedule

Sometimes your baby isn’t napping like they should because they have no schedule. It really helps to have your baby on a schedule. This helps them to have a better sleeping pattern. Have a time for naps each day and your baby will be more likely to sleep regularly for you. A schedule will make your day easier to plan, too.


Accepting Reality

You know, sometimes you just have to accept your baby is not a good napper or that they do not require the sleep you think they should. Some babies need more sleep than others. My son was one that did not require much sleep and did not nap well from birth. My daughter napped beautifully and still needs more sleep then her older brother. If your baby just doesn’t require much sleep, there really isn’t a lot you can do about it.

These are 7 things you can do to help with your baby when they won’t nap. What is your magic secret to helping your baby nap? Please share; I know other moms will love you for it!

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Very useful tips.

I still use the car ride trick, works every time.

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