7 Things to Consider when Hiring a Private Tutor ...


It’s really important to know what things to consider when hiring a private tutor. Most parents hire a tutor because their child has either fallen behind in one or more subjects, or because they’re gifted and aren’t pushed enough at school, so a tutor’s role is very important. They can have a huge impact on a child’s education, often in a very positive way. But if private tuition isn’t done correctly, it can really knock a child’s confidence or confuse them further. Here are the most important things to consider when hiring a private tutor:

1. The Tutor’s Teaching Ability

Of all the things to consider when hiring a private tutor, ensuring that the tutor has the skills and personality to teach effectively is perhaps the most important. You could get a genius with an IQ of a zillion and three PhDs, but if they don’t know how to interact with students or aren’t very patient, they won’t make a good tutor. Choose someone with a good track record and with many previous students.

The Tutor’s Subject Knowledge
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