What Type of Mom You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...


What Type of Mom You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...
What Type of Mom You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...

Ever wondered about the type of mom you will be according to your zodiac sign? When you are growing up, your only real experience of motherhood comes from your own mom or mom figure, and you would be forgiven for thinking at that young age that the kind of mom your own mother figure is the only kind of mother that exists! However, as you get older and start meeting your friend’s moms, and your own friends start to become moms, you realise that there are just as many different types of ways to be a mother as there are ways to be a girlfriend or best friend! And just because you were brought up be a certain kind of mom, it doesn’t mean that you are going to replicate that style when your own time comes. Here is the type of mom you will be according to your zodiac sign.

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You will be a confident mom with a lot of strength to give to your kids, but this might turn in to unnecessary competitiveness at times!



You will be a stable mom with lots of common sense to give out, but you will also have to fight the urge to spoil them rotten!



You will always be youthful and relatable to your children, but your open-mindedness might lead to having a lack of boundaries.



You will be a sensitive and comforting mom, ready to tackle any problem, but this might lead to overprotectiveness at times.



You will be a creative and playful mother, with lots of ideas for games and activities, but sometimes too much energy might tire your kids out before they have even started!



You will be the most organised and structured mom ever, but be careful because these tendencies can sometimes lead to you being too strict!



You will the strong, silent type with great intuition, but be careful that your kids don’t mistake your silence for a lack of emotional availability.



As a mother, you will be full of patience and understanding for your children, but don’t let this lead to a degree of snobbery for other moms that might do things differently than you.



You will hold all of the traditional values close to your heart as a mother, but remember not to take everything too seriously, you should be having fun at the same time as raising young children!



You will be a really open-minded mom who wants to let your kids find themselves and develop their own personalities, but do your best to make sure this approach doesn’t create too much drama!



You will be an adventurous but wise kind of mom, but don’t let your wisdom turn into bluntness, because small children need more of a delicate touch!



You will be a compassionate and nurturing mother, which to some might be seen as kooky or unconventional, but your kids will absolutely love it!

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