7 Super Fun Things to do with a One Year Old in the Summer ...


7 Super Fun Things to do with a One Year Old in the Summer ...
7 Super Fun Things to do with a One Year Old in the Summer ...

I like to think of myself as a cool mom and that means that I am always trying to think of fun things to do with a one year old. The same old same old gets boring quickly, especially to my little man. So this summer, I made a list of all the things that my son really enjoyed so I could share some fun things to do with a one year old, especially in the summer. Go ahead, break routine and try them out!

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Play Airplane

Play Airplane Remember when you were a kid and your older siblings would put their legs out straight and you would put your stomach up to their feet and they would lift you? This is kind of like that but instead of holding your kid up that far, (which makes me a little nervous to be completely honest) bend your knees and put your baby on your feet. That way you're just lifting your shins. This is my son's absolute favorite thing to do. It's absolutely one of the most fun things to do with a one year old, and it's a great little leg workout.


Go for a Swim

Go for a Swim This was the first summer that my son was actually big enough to do anything, so naturally I took him to the pool for the first time ever. To say that this child took to the water is the understatement of the century. I saw so many little ones at the pool and they all seemed to be having such a good time splashing away in the water!



Walks I don't mean the kind where you walk and your toddler sits in the stroller (you get tired, they just sit there.) I mean the kind where your little one walks off a ton of energy. I have a giant yard so once every couple of days, my son and I walk it over and over and over again. He loves the independence of walking without guidance and I love how tired he gets after a few laps!


Plant Flowers

Plant Flowers Every little one loves to make a mess, that's a pretty well proven fact, so why not let them play in the dirt for a little bit. When I filled up my window planter this year, I let my son put the dirt in the box with me and he loved it. Then, I planted and let him water the plants with his mini watering can. He had so much fun and letting him water everyday is a great way to get him interested in plants. Just keep a close eye on your little one. Mine put a handful of dirt in his pocket and then kept trying to eat the dirt.


Water Fight

Water Fight This is pretty one way but on a really hot day, I took out my son's water squirter from his bath, filled it up and let him squirt me a couple of times. Then, I splashed him with the tiniest bit of water. He loved it! Obviously it's not the super soaker fight that you would have with an older kid but it's a great way to cool off and your little one will love the little bit of water to cool them off.


Dance Party

Dance Party I have begun to love rainy days in the summer (a fixture in the Pacific Northwest) because those are the days when I can crank up the tunes and dance my little butt off with my baby boy. He loves music and it's a great way to burn off energy before a nap. Plus it's always super fun to watch your little one bop around and fall on their little butts laughing.


Go to the Park

Go to the Park I know, this isn't very original but kids love the park! It always makes me a little nervous when I go (since my son loves to put everything in his mouth,) but as long as you keep a close watch over your little one, they are sure to have a good time swinging, sliding, or just running around!

Well ladies these are the fun things that I love to do with my one year old in the summer time! What do you to with your little tike in the warm weather? Let me know down below!

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Wow.. Nice post .. My daughter is going to turn 1 soon. These tips are sure gonna help

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