7 Super Cool Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas That He Will Adore ...


Your little boy is your prince, your champ, your buddy and your pal – if you’re looking for some baby boy bedroom ideas that are cool and that your guy will love, how about trying some of these on for size? Speaking from my own point-of-view, there really are a lot of super cool and fun baby boy bedroom ideas out there (I have a soon-to-be 3-year-old). So, here are some of the themes that I considered, and even one that I chose (and one that we’ll soon be using).

1. Moon and Stars

My very favorite of all baby boy bedroom ideas that I thought of is the moon and stars. In fact, I love it so much that this is what the theme of my son’s room is. The walls are painted a super light blue and we have stars hanging on the walls above his changing table. We even have some moon and star paintings that were made by my talented sister. The bedding features a whimsical moon and stars. To pull it all together, we have a moon and constellation night light. It is soothing and oh-so heavenly.

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