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7 Fabulous Summer Activities That Won't Break the Bank ...

By Gailia

Are you looking for summer activities for kids that won't break the bank? Summer is getting close, which for almost every parent means trying to keep the kids happy and active! For families on a budget or with multiple children, this creates a big dilemma. Here are some super fun summer activities for kids that won't break the bank.

1 Create a Treasure Map, an Obstacle Course, or a Waterpark in the Backyard

Using items around the house you can create hours of entertainment at absolutely no cost to you. This is one of the best summer activities for kids that won't break the bank.

2 Watch a Movie

Check out free or reduced movie tickets at Regal Theaters, hit a drive-in, find an outdoor film, or set up an outdoor movie in your backyard. You can also rent movies from the local library for free.


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3 Free Workshops, Classes and Day Camps

Several businesses like Bass Pro Shops, Home Depot, recreation centers and libraries offer free day camps, workshops, story time, pottery making, cooking classes, or arts and crafts.

4 Free or Discounted Zoo, Museum or Bowling Tickets

Zoos, museums or bowling alleys may offer discounts for kids and families. Many of them also do a few free days throughout the year.

5 Take a Tour

Take a tour of the fire department, a wildlife reserve, a farm, or a petting zoo. These tours may be free, but you may need to call ahead to reserve a time to visit.

6 Get into Nature

Visit a lake with a swim beach, go on a nature hike, or camp out in your own backyard.

7 Have Bike Parades or a Toy Swap

Kids can decorate their bicycles and parade through the neighborhood, or trade old toys for new ones.

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