7 Summer Activities for Bored Preschoolers ...


Summer Activities for Bored Preschoolers can be a lifesaver for any parent with young children. After all, summer can be a long season for kids that young, especially when the heat does not allow outside play. However, finding summer activities for bored preschoolers that are fun enough to keep the kids entertained can be a challenge! Even the most creative moms and teachers can find themselves scratching their heads mid summer when the fun things to do have already been done multiple times. When you find yourself with a whiny 4 year old and the need for a few fresh ideas, try out these 7 summer activities for bored preschoolers.

1. Have a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great summer activity for bored preschoolers. Take walk in the woods, at the park, or even in your home. Make a picture or word list of objects to find and show the kids how to check off the items as they find them. They will love the exploration and the fun of the hunt. If you have a large backyard or nearby park, you could include treasure like bird nests, caterpillars, or even turtles. Indoor treasure hunts could include household items like a pan, toilet paper, glue, and favorite stuffed animals. You can make it more challenging by adding colors and shapes to the list. Ask the child to find 10 red things or 5 square shaped items.

Make Your Own Water Park
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