8 Strangest Pregnancy Cravings ...


I’ve always thought how strange it was that something as marvelous as carrying a child can cause a woman to crave odd substances. Not only do pregnant women tend to have a strong urge to eat some of the most random concoctions and food combinations, but a few even want to eat inedible items, such as dirt or chalk! Some cravings arise from a lack of a specific vitamin or mineral in the woman’s system, however, a few are caused by the woman’s response to the pregnancy itself. The 8 strangest pregnancy cravings I’ve posted below might not seem like they are all odd, but you have to take into consideration the way some of the cravings are dealt with. Some women go all out and consume massive amounts of their craved foods, while other women create interesting combinations with their cravings.

8. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are definitely one of the strangest pregnancy cravings. This craving might arise in women who are lacking enough iron in their diet. A doctor should be consulted to have a test run on your iron level. It’s much better for both mother and baby if an iron supplement is taken, as opposed to munching on coffee grounds.

Fruit and Meat Combos
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