7 Simple Steps for Cleaning the Bedroom That Kids Can Use ...


I like to give my kids steps for cleaning the bedroom or they’re just in there playing with toys and randomly shoving things where they don’t belong. You can’t just tell your kid to go clean his room. Trust me. I know this. However, all is not lost. There’s no reason why you can’t expect your children to tidy their own rooms – you’re not their slave after all. However, it’s much easier for them to accomplish the task if you break it down into simple steps for cleaning the bedroom that they can follow.

1. Pick up Dirty Clothes

If your child’s room is anything like mine, there are dirty clothes in heaps all over the place, so one of the first steps for cleaning the bedroom has to be getting them taken care of. Have your child scout around the room looking for stray socks, pajama bottoms and other dirty clothes that didn’t make it to the hamper. Then have her put them all in one big pile and carry them to the laundry basket.

Gather the Trash
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