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7 Signs You're Ready for Another Baby ...

By Alicia

Do you have any signs you are ready for another baby? Trying to decide if this is the time to have another baby is a big decision. Having some signs you are ready for another baby can give you the nudge in the right direction. They can help you know if this is the right choice or not.

1 You’ve Got the Baby Urge

Having the baby urge is one of the signs you are ready for another baby. If you aren’t ready, you will usually feel an aversion to thoughts of having another baby. You could feel that babies are sweet but feel perfectly content that you don’t have a new baby, if you aren’t ready. The baby urge is hard to describe but you know if you have it. It is a longing for another baby.

2 You Miss All Things Baby

If the sight of newborn outfits and baby cribs make you want to have another baby, you may be ready. You miss all things baby when you are ready to have another baby. You want to have all of those baby things back in your life again. You like the thought of carrying a diaper bag again. You like the thought of having all of the baby paraphernalia around again.


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3 Maternity Clothing Looks Cute Again

Another sign you are ready for another baby is if maternity clothing looks cute to you. Generally, at the end of a pregnancy and right after having a baby, maternity clothing does not strike you as cute. It strikes you as something you do not have any desire to see or wear. But if that feeling begins to fade and you begin to look at maternity fashion with interest, it can be a sign that you are ready for another baby. You want to enjoy the look of dressing a baby bump once again.

4 Things Are Going Well in Your Life

Having things go well in your life can be a sign you are ready for another baby. You are in a stable relationship. Your career is in a place where you feel you could take maternity leave without negative repercussions. Financially, another baby would not be a hardship. All of these are signs of things going well in your life and possibly being ready for another baby.

5 You Miss Pregnancy

Near the end of a pregnancy, you are usually ready to be done with it. You have had your fill of carrying this new little person and are anxious to meet them. You want to be over all the pregnancy woes. When that feeling fades and you begin to want to be pregnant again, it is a sign you are ready for another baby. You want to experience pregnancy again.

6 Your Body is Ready

Another sign that you are ready for another baby is if your body is ready. You have reached a place where you know your body could safely carry a little one. You have done everything you can to prepare your body for pregnancy. You have lost the weight from your previous pregnancies. You are doing things to make sure that your body is ready should conception occur.

7 You Just Feel It’s the Right Time

The biggest sign that you are ready for another baby is that you just feel it is the right time. It is a feeling you have deep within yourself. You feel very content when you think about the prospect of becoming a mother again. You know it intuitively. If you are at this place, you know that it is the right decision for you and your family.

It is a big decision to decide if it is time to have another baby or not. How did you know for sure it was the right time for you? Did you have any of these signs?

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