7 Signs Your Kids Are Doing Too Much ...


As a busy parent with a full-on life it’s easy to miss signs your kids are doing too much. It’s great knowing that your kids aren’t couch potatoes and don’t spend all their free time glued to a games console or TV, but just as we adults try to cram in as much as possible, kids can also be over-scheduled. If you don’t want to see your offspring burn out, become jaded and too over-tasked to squeeze out every last delight and thrill of childhood, look out for these signs your kids are doing too much.

1. Grades Are Dropping

One of the first telling signs your kids are doing too much is their grades start slipping. School should come first, then activities and hobbies second. School coming first also means that homework should come first too. If your child does not have enough time to do their homework, then one of their hobbies should be set aside until their grades are back up to scratch.

Your Child is Not Their Usual Happy Self
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