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9 Remedies for Morning Sickness ...

By Jordin

Pregnant women always want to know the best remedies for morning sickness! Since nausea is a big part of pregnancy for many women, having a few options to curb this problem will bring you a little more comfort! Please read on for a few easy remedies for morning sickness.

1 Exercise

Believe it or not, exercise is one of the most potent remedies for morning sickness! It might be hard to drag yourself to the gym but when you get moving, you can really kick those hormones into gear. Try something like walking around the block or using a stationary bike. Don’t exert yourself too much in the first trimester, and avoid anything in water or anything that requires balance, such as swimming or riding a bike. Some women have been known to faint during the first trimester, so please use safety precautions!

2 Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a little heard-of remedy for morning sickness, but women in Asia have been using it for years! Look for places in your area that offer acupuncture, and be sure to let the doctor or therapist know you are pregnant. Explain any discomforts you have experienced, since acupuncture can be tailored specifically for the individual’s health needs!


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Salty foods

3 Sour Candy

Some women swear by sour candy. Lemon drops helped me during my first trimester of pregnancy! The nausea would almost instantly go away once I started eating a piece of sour candy. Pick up a few different kinds to try, since you might not like every type of sour candy available.

4 Frozen Fruit

One common complaint of the early stages of pregnancy is not having an appetite or not being able to keep anything down. If you fit into this category, pick up some frozen fruit! You can suck on it to curb nausea and encourage an appetite. Since frozen fruit doesn’t have a whole lot of flavor, it won’t make you feel sick.

5 Ginger

A great remedy for nausea and morning sickness is ginger, or ginger root! You can get ginger in many forms. Sipping on ginger ale worked for my morning sickness! Some women like ginger tea; others take a ginger supplement with their food. You can also sprinkle fresh ginger onto salads or soups if you prefer.

6 Peppermint and Citrus Candles

Many women find that certain smells make them feel even more nauseated while they are pregnant. But other scents can calm or soothe them, particularly peppermint and citrus! You can burn a scented candle, or use scented body wash and lotion to help with nausea. You can also try essential oils in mint or citrus scents.

7 Sleep

Isn’t sleep the best remedy for all things? Maybe not all things, but it certainly helps with a number of physical and emotional ailments. Resting not only re-invigorates your body, but it renews your spirit and mind. Plus, it’s hard to experience morning sickness when you are busy catching dreams!

8 Air Conditioning

Pregnant women can easily be overheated, since carrying a baby tends to generate more body heat. Try keeping your house, car, and work space as cool as possible, particularly in the summer months! If possible, keep a fan on while you sleep or throughout the day. Staying cool will lower your nausea and feelings of morning sickness by about 40% or even more for some women!

9 Crackers

Keep some crackers beside your bed to munch on first thing in the mornings. Eating something dry can soak up stomach acids that induce morning sickness! Carrying around a few crackers with you to eat when nausea strikes throughout the day isn’t a bad idea either!

These are my tips for morning sickness, and they have all worked extremely well for me in my own pregnancy. Pregnancy isn’t without its ups and downs, but the end result is beyond worth it! What are your tips and remedies for morning sickness?

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