7 Reasons Your Son Should Be a Boy Scout ...


I have three boys so finding out they could be a Boy Scout through school was awesome! Two are currently Cub Scouts, with my youngest being ready to get started in a couple of years. If you’re wondering what the value of being a Boy Scout is, get ready because I’m going to sell you on it.

1. It’s Fun

For little boys, the fun factor of being a Boy Scout is probably the most alluring for them. During meetings the boys get to do so many fun things that I’d need pages and pages to list them all. Launching rockets, building pinewood derby cars, whittling, identifying trees and plants, hiking and fishing are just a few. They also get to go bowling, visit the police and fire stations, check out museums, go camping and collect rocks. Really, with that short list, what boy wouldn’t want to join?

They Learn Things
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