8 Reasons to Not Home School Your Children ...

I thought it was only right that I present the reasons for not home schooling given that I had already written reasons in its favor. There are disadvantages of home schooling that need to be considered alongside the positive arguments expressed in the earlier article. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons for not home schooling your children.

1. Structure, Discipline and Time Management

One of the prime reasons for not home schooling is the motivation for instituting a routine. When you’re at home, and you have nowhere to be, there is no imperative to be in a rush to start the lessons. If the child might be in a bad or uncooperative mood that day, how does the hapless mother get him or her to the designated learning area and then try to teach that bundle of joy? Whereas when they are bundled off to school, they will often snap out of a mood once they say hi to their friends, and go on to have a productive day of lessons and a generally fine day. In the structured environment of school, the kids learn discipline and time management, and learn to work within a structure. These are essential skills that we all need in the big world. A base that lacks these will lead to a newly-minted adult being thrown into a shark tank.