8 Reasons to Make Time for Family Dinner ...


It’s quite sad that you should have to find reasons to have family dinner, don’t you think? At one time it was quite the norm that everyone ate at the same time and nobody needed to look for reasons to have family dinner. With our fast-paced lives we have forgotten how special getting together to eat is and so many families eat on the run or at various times, as they dash from one thing to the next. Those traditional values still hold significance though and there are plenty of good reasons to have family dinner today, if actually, not more than in decades past.

1. Supper Can Be a Stress Reliever

We wonder why our kids are no longer interested in family life. With the way our fast paced world is moving it’s no wonder our family life as we once knew it is slowly disappearing. Perhaps dad ‘just has to finish this one last urgent query’ before heading home, Mom schlepping junior from one after-school club to another, and older kids in their rooms glued to game consoles or at soccer practice. Hunger pangs setting in? Just grab something from the fridge or eat breakfast bars on the run. With the decline of the traditional family dinner it’s perhaps more important than ever that the old saying ‘the family that plays together – stays together’ has never been more important. Without realizing it, our families have gone their separate ways and stress abounds on all levels. It’s time to reconnect with family mealtime and invest in one of the best reasons to have family dinner – it makes everyone slow down!

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