7 Reasons Kids Shouldn't Date until They're 16 ...


While the reasons kids shouldn't date until they're 16 may not make you the most popular person in the house, they are valid for many families. The trend these days is to grow up sooner, faster, younger. These reasons kids shouldn't date until they're 16 flies in the face of this concept. Embracing the teen years as being a time of healthy selfishness can contradict teens' peer pressure to date and focus on another early on. Why not encourage your child to think of themselves first, and others later in this sense?

1. Me Me Me

How many times as parents, does it feel like kids only think of themselves? Ironically, when they date, they are thinking of someone else on the planet more than they are of themselves. While in a global sense, thinking of others is to be encouraged, in a personal sense their own needs and wants at this stage of their life should be more important than their date's. Isn't it more important what your daughter wants to wear than what she thinks her boyfriend will like her to wear? Isn't it more important that your daughter does well in school instead of worrying that the boy she likes considers her to be a brainiac in a negative sense (is there one?)? Allowing your child to have the formative years of their teenage life to think about who they are and what they want is one of the best reasons kids shouldn't date until their 16.

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