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7 Reasons Getting a Puppy is Good for Kids ...

By Kayla

If you are considering getting a pet for your kids, there are many reasons why getting a puppy is good. A few months ago I may have not agreed with that statement. At that time, our puppy was wild and chewed on everything she could find. Now that she is a little older, she is somewhat calmer and has become a part of the family. Here are 7 reasons why getting a puppy is good for your kids.

1 Responsibility

ResponsibilityHaving a puppy is a great way to teach your children responsibility. Both of my kids love helping take care of our puppy. They love bathing her and brushing her hair. Surprisingly, they even like feeding her. I am still working on getting them to help clean up the messes that she makes. This increased responsibility is one of the best reasons why getting a puppy is good for them.

2 Patience

PatienceIt takes a lot of patience to raise a puppy. It seems like they are always into something. Having a puppy will teach your children that they have to be gentle and patient. When our puppy first arrived, my kids thought that she would do exactly what they wanted, right then. Now they see that they cannot force her to do anything.


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3 Exercise for Kids

Exercise for KidsLooking for ways to get your kids more active? A puppy will take care of that for you. Most puppies run and play non-stop. This will make your kids want to do the same. My kids love playing outside with their puppy and taking her for walks.

4 Trainable

TrainableA puppy is easy to train. Some are even easier to train than an older dog (like that saying, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks," right?). Puppies are quick learners and they catch on fast. If you are potty training a puppy, expect mistakes. They will happen, especially when you least expect it.

5 Protection

ProtectionWhen a puppy grows up with your children, they will become very protective of them. They will do whatever they can to keep your children from being hurt. Even though our puppy is young, she barks at other dogs when they come around. It is funny to see her barking at dogs that are 10 times her size. I'll admit there are times when she barks at trees and even her own shadow, but we are still proud of her for being our little watch dog.

6 Memories

MemoriesA puppy will be part of many memories for your children. My kids already love telling stories about their puppy. They like to talk about where they take her and the funny things she does. I still remember pets I had as a child. I am thankful that my kids can have the same experience.

7 Friendship

FriendshipWhy is a dog considered to be man's best friend? Let's think about it. They are always happy to see you when you get home. They are there for you when no-one else is. And they will love you no matter what. A puppy makes a great listener as well.

Having a puppy can be tough at times, but they can quickly become part of your family. Do you have a puppy? What do you think are some reasons why getting a puppy is good?

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