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7 Quick Tips to Remember when Hiring a Nanny ...

By Teresa

It’s not always easy to hire a nanny, and there are a lot of tips to remember when hiring a nanny. You have to remember a lot of different tips from a lot of different people. Everyone has his or her own advice when hiring a nanny. However, this list is almost the perfect comprehensive list of all advice you’ll get when hiring a nanny.

1 Look Everywhere

Don’t be afraid to look online when hiring a nanny. There are so many awesome, legitimate websites to find nannies online right now. Most let you tailor your needs to help you find exactly what you want, for exactly the price you want. On the same note, though, ask your friends if they know of any nannies near you. Your friend’s seal of approval could make all the difference!

2 Know What You Need

Know exactly what you want out of your nanny before you hire her. If you want her to clean the house as well, make that extremely clear to her. If you want her to do the laundry, tell her before you hire her. Make a list of everything the job will entail, and everything you want from your nanny. It will make both of your lives much easier.

3 Call the References

Make an effort to call all of their references. You will probably learn a lot that you couldn’t glean from a few interviews. On the same hand, though, I know people who hired a nanny despite getting a less-than-stellar review from one of her references, but they haven’t had a problem with her. At the end of the day, go with your gut.

4 Introduce Your Child before Hiring

Although the first interview should just be about you and her, don’t hire her without introducing her to your children. If you hire her and they don’t get along, you’re almost stuck, depending on the agreement you have. If you introduce them before and they get along very well, you’ll be happy you introduced them before to make sure.

5 Write a Contract

When I first heard about nanny contracts, I rolled my eyes. Then I thought about it, and they are almost necessary. Both of you should be under the same impression, in terms of what you expect from the other, and it’s best to have that in writing. Outline policies for sick days, days off, and anything else you feel is important. It will save everyone a lot of confusion in the long run.

6 Do Your Own Background Check

It’s very important to have an actual background check done, but do your own social media version of a background check. Usually all it takes is a simple Google search of their name, and you can find everything. If they make it a little more difficult to find them, not only should that raise a red flag, but you should ask for their social media information so you can get an idea of what they post.

7 Ask the Weird Questions

They’re not typical to job interviews, but ask your potential nanny questions about her life. Ask about her family, her schooling, and anything else you deem appropriate. You’ll learn more about who she is as a person and how she’ll be around your children, plus you may even find some mutual friends!

What do you try to remember when hiring a nanny? Let me know your tips in the comments!

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