Pro Tips ✅ on How to Balance ⚖️ Writing ✍️ and Parenting 👩‍👧‍👦 ...


As a single mom, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to balance a career and life. As I like to put it to my friends, I don’t have a watch that tells my son what time he is allowed to hug me yet the slightest interruption is guaranteed to crush my focus. Taking that into consideration, this level often seems out of reach. Not to mention the very idea of finding a little equilibrium between the two sounds downright crazy. But with a little care and planning, it can be done.

1. Find a Time That Works for You

In my case, the summer is the worst. My son is on vacation and the noise is often endless. On these days I do far more research than I do actual writing. Not everyone has the same schedule. Perhaps you prefer to complete one piece at a time divided up into many segments or maybe you have a certain time of day when the kids are busy or asleep allowing you to sneak in a couple hours. It’s not always easy to find this time, but with a little drive and creativity, anyone can manage.

Don’t Set Your Goals Too High
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