Parenting Tips for Staying Safe This Winter ...


Winter can be a magical time for little ones between playing in the snow, watching icicles form and bundling up in their favorite winter gear. It can also be a time of potential risk if you have kids. There are some things that can hurt your kid when the mercury drops and understanding the dangers can help you keep your babies safe. Here are some top tips from the experts for keeping your precious children healthy and safe this winter.

1. Make Sure They Have All the Gear

Most of the time I wouldn’t say that your kids need every little thing, but when it comes to winter gear, they need it all for safety reasons. That means gloves, a hat, a coat, boots and warm layers to keep them dry. Anytime your little ones go outside, they need to be fully geared up so they don’t suffer frostbite or hypothermia. At the least, you don’t want them to be cold and crabby.

Do Not Load the Crib with Stuff
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