36 Pairs of Baby Booties to Keep Tiny Feet Warm ...


If your baby is anything like minewere, shoes just don't fit that well, making baby booties a great alternative.They are great for keeping tiny feet warm in the winter, but you can findreally cute ones that also lend personality and style to your little one'soutfits. Baby booties can be handmade if you know how to crochet or knit, butyou can also find them in stores. Or you can always talk a crafty friend orfamily member into making you up a few pairs. Whether you have a little boy orgirl, you'll love putting tiny little boots on his or her feet.

1. Shaggy White Boots

Shaggy White Boots

A stylish pair of baby booties likethese will make any outfit even cuter.

Baby Combat Booties
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