7 Must Have Family Rules for a Happy HoMe ...


I grew-up in a household where we had certain house rules to abide by; my Mom always said, "For a happy home you must have family rules." I never really believed her until I began my own family and had my own home. There have to be a few simple rules in every household, and I truly believe that these are successful for happy home, you must have family rules, like these.


R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Aretha Franklin had it right when she belted out that song! Respect tops the list of my must have family rules. It is important to respect those who live in the house and to respect the house in general. Odd, right, to respect a house? Well, think about it - take care of it, clean it, and it will always provide a roof over your head. Make it dirty, let it fall apart, so will the structure. And it's always important to treat each other with kindness.

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