7 Life Changing Tips for Women Having the Toughest Pregnancy Ever 👶 ...


Pregnancy can put your body through a whirlwind of changes with nausea, weight gain, heartburn, varicose veins and so much more. And these changes can have you feeling like this is the toughest pregnancy because you just do not feel yourself. But do not let this bring you down because there are things you can do to help cushion the discomfort and get through your toughest pregnancy with your head held high!

1. Nausea

Being nauseous during your pregnancy can have you feeling at your worst with little motivation to simply get out of bed. And if you feel this way I can relate because I had this literally every day with my 4th pregnancy. There are various reasons for feeling this way: it could be hormones; or simply low iron. To combat this, try increasing your iron or even having a light snack. And if that does not work, try clearing your mind with a great workout. Sweat sessions solve everything!

Weight Gain
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